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Capsule Endoscopy Specialist

Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg

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You may need a capsule endoscopy to evaluate your small intestine. The experienced board-certified physicians at Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg in Fredericksburg and Stafford, Virginia, offer capsule endoscopy procedures at the office. You don’t need a referral from another provider to have this test. To find out more about the capsule endoscopy, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Capsule Endoscopy Q&A

What is capsule endoscopy?

Capsule endoscopy is a diagnostic test that uses a small pill-sized camera to capture images of your gastrointestinal tract as it travels through this system. Capsule endoscopy is a less invasive endoscopic procedure. 

Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg offers capsule endoscopy at their practice. 

Why do I need a capsule endoscopy?

Your primary care provider or physician at Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg tells you why you need a capsule endoscopy. They most often use this less invasive endoscopic procedure to evaluate the small intestine to look for signs of disease.

Doctors can’t see this part of your digestive tract during an upper endoscopy or colonoscopy. If these other tests show no signs of disease, you might benefit from capsule endoscopy to find the cause of your abdominal pain or bloody stools.

This test may help diagnose ulcers, polyps, Crohn’s disease, or tumors. 

What do I do to prepare for capsule endoscopy?

The Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg team requests you start your capsule endoscopy with an empty stomach. They ask that you stop eating and drinking 12 hours before your test.

You might also need to adjust your medication schedule to reduce the risk of bleeding or interference with the test. 

What can I expect during capsule endoscopy?

Your capsule endoscopy begins at Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg. Your provider places a sensor device around your abdomen. Then, you swallow the pill-sized capsule endoscope, and your provider sends you off to resume most of your usual activities.

The team requests you continue to not eat or drink for the first two hours of your test. You can start drinking clear liquids after two hours and then a light meal about four hours after the start of your test. 

You also need to avoid vigorous physical activity during the test. 

The capsule endoscopy passes through your digestive system while transmitting video images to the data recorder on your waist. The test takes about eight hours.

After you complete your capsule endoscopy, you bring the recorder back to the office for the team to evaluate. Then, you pass the capsule in your stool during a bowel movement. 

Your physician at Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg schedules a follow-up appointment to discuss the findings from your endoscopic procedure.

To schedule your capsule endoscopy, call Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg or book an appointment online today.